2020 – Christmas Insert

Merry Christmas!

Our son Riley graduated from Granite Bay High School with honors. Then, he moved away to the University of San Diego as a “scholar-athlete” majoring in computer science. We’re proud of him, and he’s adjusting well. He’s intelligent, funny, and kind. How that happened is a bit of a mystery.

We’re also impressed with how USD works through the current “situation.” The USD approach is thoughtful and well-communicated. I was somewhat unfamiliar with USD, although Annette and I knew some graduates or parents of graduates. But anyone who knows me knows I never listen or get things I hear mixed up. So, I initially was telling people Riley was going to a Jesuit University (which USD isn’t – it’s just Catholic). What I did get right is the campus is beautiful. Most importantly, at this point, it looks to be a solid fit for our one-and-only.

Fingers crossed, Riley returns to San Diego on Jan. 3rd to restart training with the crew team for the second semester beginning two weeks later.

Fortunately, Annette and I have both been busy at our jobs through the pandemic. Annette’s forensic accounting practice and my corporate sales job have required us to flex to remain effective. While this was initially challenging, we’ve both adapted and are happy to report all is good here. It helps that we both work for excellent companies!

As for the “empty nest” and the “working from home ” challenges – we’ve got it super easy here. We work with colleagues who struggle with young kids at home and in less-than-ideal working spaces. We don’t have that. We are saddened at not seeing our boy’s smiling face every day. Oh, and the fear of the Amazon delivery when our typically quiet standard poodles erupt in a cacophony of barking. Are these problems?

Honestly, we have it pretty good. Maybe even pretty, pretty, good (for our Curb Your Enthusiasm friends)! We have some good fortune working for us. We understand this has been a challenging time for many in very personal ways.

And if there is one point that the pandemic has driven home, it’s how precious family and friends are. That, and a little kindness, can go a long way. With that in mind, the Happiest of Holidays to you all this genuinely bizarre and hopefully unrepeated year.

And here’s hoping we connect again soon.

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