Avatar – Film Review

It’s been a lame year for movies. I can’t remember when I was excited to see a film. Wait, I was excited enough about Inglorious Basterds to write a review (out on DVD next week!). Even there, however, it wasn’t anything like the excitement I felt for James Cameron’s Avatar.

I am ready to ditch work and wait in line to see it. The early reviews are coming in, and they are all excellent. Did anyone expect anything less? Is anyone surprised? 20th Century Fox isn’t, as they have invested a reported $350 million in production and promotion.

It’s easy to see why. Cameron has had no major missteps in his brilliant career. All his films, including his IMAX deep-diving tangents, are fascinating.

Finally, technology has caught up with the visionary. This is not The Abyss which frustrated in this area. Those liquid-flying special effects needed T2 to hit their stride. 

Please look at the movie website’s images; they are otherworldly and fascinating. Cameron has brought what he saw at the bottom of the sea (and everywhere else) to inform his vision. What a vision it is. One assumes this is Cameron’s masterpiece.

All I can say is my seven-year-old son seeing the trailer on Cartoon Network while watching Clone Wars jumped out of his seat, saying WOW, I want to see that! This is coming from someone who hates going to the movies.

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