Christmas Wish List – 2017 – No More Lin-Manuel Miranda

Christmas Wish List

Let’s get right to it, Jim Stalker’s Christmas Wish List for 2017 – what I want. People are dying to know, and after all, it’s all about me, all the time anyway!

  • More political posts on Facebook! Missing all the divisiveness caused by the election. Let’s rekindle and keep it going!
  • While we’re at it, how about more posts by everyone everywhere on every platform? This is a terrific idea without any foreseeable ceiling or downside! I’m doing my part now with this post.
  • More “special character” requirements on passwords – I’m thinking of a new “two at once” condition that challenges one’s dexterity.
  • Another Office365 migration. Those old enough, remember the glory of Y2K? The good old days are back!
  • More monthly subscriptions in general. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and PBS aren’t enough for us in TV.
  • Speaking of TV – can we take a break from TV’s so-called renaissance as many “great new series” simply suck.
  • A pill for abs, hair (in the right places), and straight whiter teeth. This is the type of innovation the world (and me) is clamoring for!
  • Also on the innovation front, how about a “smart mirror” that when it senses a reflection of the owner, inserts an incredible body double. I would request Ryan Reynolds for me as we’re often confused.
  • No more Lin-Manuel Miranda for a while. Hamilton was brilliant – saw it with the original cast on Broadway – but SNL, Mixtape, Book, Drunk History, 60 minutes, Moana, various podcasts and Charlie Rose appearances – enough already. Like the song you wrote, “Take a Break.”
  • Another year of Chris Rock hosting the Academy Awards.  Too late to ditch Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy Kimmel? Don’t get him – AT ALL.
  • On movies, no more superhero movies, unless the superhero is a middle-aged married white male whose secret power it to no longer be invisible to the world.
  • Finally, hoping for an Apple Pendant. The Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch ecosystem isn’t enough.

While this is mostly snarky, I do have a sincere wish for myself in the new year that occurred to me this week as I was holding the door open for a husband and wife walking into Starbucks. This was an old couple, and, the woman was using a walker.  As I was holding the door, I paused, and caught myself thinking, “this woman is taking way too long, I’ve got to get going.”  This thought speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
So in the coming year, I hope I can be more generous with my time and attention in the moment with the people I’m with. With a smartphone at my fingertips, and seemingly so much to do, this is a lofty goal for me. I fail all the time at it. My son is quick (and right) to remind me about this. But, life is short, human interactions precious, and holding that door open with a genuine smile is the level of reality I aspire to.
And, to do this not only to this stranger but to my wife, son, family, friends, co-workers and customers.
I think that’s the spirit of Christmas. L-O-V-E.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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