Dogs are excellent – they don’t live long enough.

When something arises out of nowhere that takes them down suddenly, it’s somber.

This is especially difficult when they have been beautiful dogs.

I think dogs are here to teach us – how to love, be unselfish, make tough decisions, and then, yes, when the time comes, how to mourn.

It sounds a bit hyperbolic, but Lucy, our first standard Poodle, gave Annette and me the confidence to have our son Riley. It’s true!

Coco carried Lucy’s torch and, for this past nearly seven years, completed our little family.

Coco was always thrilled to see us – whenever we came home – no matter how long we were gone.

I think that’s called unconditional love.

While she did seem to get mad when we were gone too long, her intermittent ire only added to her charm.

Tonight and forever, she’s in the big dog park in the sky. I can see her running full speed – impressing the other dogs while making her owners proud.

Teaching us – again – just how precious life is.

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