Jackass #5 – People who tell you they are dieting!

We are all for America getting healthier. We are all for people grabbing an apple instead of a Cinnabon.
But if there has ever been a jackass move, it’s telling everyone you can that is on a diet.
First, we don’t care – we are more concerned with what we will eat next, not what we’re NOT going to eat!
Second, don’t you detect a bit of a “holier than thou” attitude in dieters? Do you have to make it public that you won’t be shoveling down the pop-tarts anymore?
What about this?
You are at the restaurant, and everyone orders like it’s the last supper. Fried appetizers,  soup AND salad, and some big hunk of a cow with several side orders! ) Then, your local Dr. Atkins chimes in, throwing a wet blanket over the meal with, “uh, I’m on a diet. Do you have a couple of slices of turkey and some cottage cheese?”
Better yet, these-carb quitters insist on learning how everything is prepared – as if they can influence the preparation routine with a few choice comments.
“Can you tell me how the Grand Slam Breakfast is being prepared?”
Look, dieting is misery – contrary to what any bestselling diet book says. This is because you are starving yourself. You are eating less than your body requires.
So Mr. Cranky, do us a favor, and keep your misery to yourself!

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