Jackass Number 1 & 2 – Parents who tell you about their "genius" kids!

Little boy writing a complicated mathematical formula
It’s not the parent’s fault if their child is a genius (actually, genetically speaking, it is!).
But do you need to tell us about it? Over and over?
Let me help you out, Jackass. No, you don’t. Honestly, we don’t care about your child’s test scores. We are way too consumed with our own kid’s scores.
In case you haven’t noticed, in the last twenty years, almost every kid alive became some “gifted” genius in their parent’s eyes.
Well, sorry to burst your beautiful bubble, but genius is, by definition, extremely rare. That’s why it’s unique.
Just because your kid watches, Baby Einstein, doesn’t make them Einstein.
And by the way, what do you think is more likely – more geniuses are being born per capita, or more parents are overstating their kids’ ability?
Not sure? Why don’t you ask Baby Einstein… you Jackass!

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