Are we still using resumes?

You’d think by 2015 there would be something better.  There’s not.

Today these have the added wrinkle of being gamed with keywords and nomenclature that help with the recruiter during the selection/sourcing process.

My beef with resumes is that they do not provide an accurate snapshot of what the person is like to work with. Which, incidentally, is a very important thing to consider.

The company I work for publishes research on these types of things and calls this compatibility with peers “network fit” finding those with it outperform those who simply exhibit strong task performance.

Also with respect to resumes is the issue of hyperbole. Scan LinkedIn for former coworkers and you are bound to scratch your head asking, “is that the same Bill Jones I worked with? Didn’t know he was the dynamo he’s describing here!”

That’s because resumes are primarily marketing vehicles. So in the end it’s a delicate balance between presenting one’s experience in the most positive light without crossing the line into exaggeration.

Here’s my latest.

Jim’s Resume 2012

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