Resumes won’t die. They should.

Functionally the best ones provide targeted keywords so recruiters can find them and industry/position-specific nomenclature that enthuses hiring managers.

Rarely, if ever, do they provide an accurate snapshot of what the person is like to work with. They can’t. Which, incidentally, is the most important thing.

Then there is the issue of hyperbole. Cruise LinkedIn and check out former coworkers and you are bound to scratch your head asking, “is that the same Bill Jones I worked with? Didn’t know he was such a dynamo!”

That’s because resumes are primarily marketing vehicles. In marketing, anything goes (within reason).

I have fashioned several resumes for myself. If you like Rashomon and have time to digest them all, you will gain the total picture of what I have done in my career.

I suspect few, if any, will want to do that.

I suggest reading the first one and not gagging on the hyperbole.

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