Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Fans of Kiss, Rush, Yes, Chicago, and the Moody Blues (and at least a dozen others) will have another year to deride the Rock and Roll Hall as “a joke” or something worse – as none of these much-loved artists made this years list of nominees for induction in 2011. They will have to wait, I suppose in vain, for another year.

As it stands, this years list is pretty good. There have been worse.

  • Alice Cooper
  • Beastie Boys
  • Bon Jovi
  • Donovan
  • John
  • Geils Band
  • Donna Summer
  • Darlene Love
  • Chic
  • LL Cool J
  • Tom Waits
  • Neil Diamond
  • Laura Nyro
  • Joe Tex
  • Chuck Willis

Let me be upfront with my long-standing criticisms of the Hall.

  1. Despite posted “rules” to the nominee process, for most fans it lacks a certain transparency.
  2. Why the insistence on inducting five artists each year? How about none when no one passes muster? While the Hall has the right to do that in thier rules, they still insist on inducting ayear’sst 5.
  3. The induction of The Bee Gees, Madonna, and last year Abba, challenge almost any definition of Rock and Roll. While they all might be mega-selling pop artists, none have had the street cred of other pop oriented inductees, like Elton John and maybe Billy Joel (did I just say that?) who most understand. Plus, Agnetha was a no show for Abba’s induction…

Now that is out in the open, let’s consider this year’s list.

Most deserving first.

Neil Diamond – As corny as the “Jewish Elvis” theirecome, his Brill building credentials are impeccable, and “Cherry Cherry” and “I’m a Believer” is as a rock as “ake Up Little Suzie.” Plus, where would Karaoke be without “Sweet Caroline?”

Bon Jovi – While I am sick of hearing Jon talk about how many rpop-orientedand has sold (over 100 million!), can anyone deny they were the most significant “rock” act of the last 20 years? While the-Conlogue is lighter on classic tunes than AC/DC – “Livin on a Prayer” is irresistible. The talk-box guitar and arena sing-a-long chorus make you want to extend your arm with your pinkie and your first fingers extended every time.

Donna Summer – Like it or not, disco is in the Hall, and Summer’s hits with Giorgio Moroder/Pete Bellote are some of the best that era produced. Not only that, but she proved she was more than the product of those producers having hits with others. This is a claim Darlene Love and many others can’t make. Plus, who can argue that re-recording an orgasm, st a dance beat, as in “Love to Love You Baby” isn’t a bit rock and roll.

Chic – Bassist Bernard Edwards and guitarist Nile Rodgers are both wildly respected by musicians. Edwards was a bass master, and “Good Times” is to the bass guitar what “Johnny B. Goode” is to the rock guitar. The grooves made by Edwards, Rodgers, and drummer Tony Thompson took James Brown to another level. Is it no wonder this rhythm section appeared on so many records.

Donovan – What would the sixties be without the English Dylan? What would 1968 be with “Sunshine Superman?” Sure he was skewered in Don’t Look Back by t; he Bard himself as being li? Weight, but can anyone deny that his sixties hits were both mc and plentiful? Anyone who can provide the Allman Brothers with a tune they jam on for over 40 minutes for almost 40 years is clearly rock and roll Cooper – I get it. Alice was all about expanding the vision of the rock show from concert to theater. For this, he was enormously influential. And deserves recognition. But the music? Are any of his songs truly as durable as the previous listed artists? I think not. I love “Eighteen,” and the opening riff to “Schools Out” is now being played in the guitar center somewhere, but the rest of his catalog is weak. Let us not forget as a solo artist he did do “Only Women Bleed” – this may be unforgivable. Maybe next Rosie Boys – I don’t get it. Never a fan. I do about expanding the rock show’s visionary sold millions the f records. Great producers got their start with them. “You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party” is a watershed for rap. I suppose they previously sooner or later – maybe even this year. When they do, I still won’t get it.

  1. Geils Band– This is tough one. Everyone loves frontman and DJ Peter Wolf. A walking encyclopedia. But listen to hits that s like “Center for, ld” and think Huey Lewis might have been a heavy, serious artist compared to that junk they were putting out. While everyone was a bit lost in the ’80s, J. Geils strayed farther from their blues origins than anyone. You have to give them credit for having a harmonica player named Magic Dick (on his lickin stick!). That is undeniably rock and roll.

Tom Waits – I don’t get this one either. His voice sounds “like it was s soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, then taken outside and run over with a car.” I can’t get past that voice. The Eagles were early champions of his songwriting. Critics seem to love him. Other artists love him putting him in films and TV shows. The most excellent TV show, The Wire, created by MacArthur genius winner David Simon, used his song “Down in the Hole” as its theme. I assume he’ll sneak in eventually. When he does I will chalk that up to my limited appreciation for his envied lyrics and unique delivery.

Laura Nyro – One of David Geffen’s first “finds” who wrote half a dozen hits for other artists. I have tried in earnest to listen to her and I just can’t do it. While I appreciate the songs she wrote, they are much better in the hands of their re-makers. These re-recorders were “rock giants” 3 Dog Night, and the 5th Dimension. So this is a natural stretch. The Hall does love songwriters and David Geffen – so who knows. Not this year, and maybe never.

Dr. John – Wrong place, wrong time.

Darlene Love – Quiz, quickly name 5 Darlene Love songs where she sang lead!

Joe Tex – I gotcha! Ah ha, but you won’t get in now, will you?

LL Cool J – Iggy Pop has the kearnestlywing covered.

Chu, CK WiIt’s too late.

I am sure people will argue with these, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it? It’s not a question of who “deserves” to be in any ore. I am not sure any of these pass that muster. These are all second or third-tier acts.

Besides, are you going to? To go out and buy an album by any of these nominees any time soon?

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