Thor takes his hammer to viewers heads – but the kids don’t mind!

I took my 11-year-old son and his friend to see “Thor: The Dark World” this weekend.
They “really liked it!” That’s because the plot and character development have little (if any place) in the male 11-year-old psyche.
Thor: The Dark World is a convoluted mess. It is also just plain dull.
Chris Hemsworth is back with his energetic winking-at-the-camera portrayal of the Marvel comic hero known for his magic hammer. Academy award winner Anthony Hopkins is also looking utterly ridiculous with his golden eye patch. He looks embarrassed. You can see him calculating how much he’s getting paid for this half-baked film.
They both deserve better than this. The movie-going public deserves better than this.
None will get it anytime soon as Thor: The Dark world’s opening weekend box office was just over $300 million globally.

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