2018 Things to Watch

So much content out there. I can’t even begin to digest all that is good. To save you time, here are my recommendations.
The Good Fight – (CBS all access) – If you loved the “Good Wife,” this streaming-only and hard-to-find series picks up where it left off, only without Alicia. Much of the cast returns, and a great set of new actors. Delroy Lindo, Audra McDonald, Nyambi Nyambi, and Sarah Steele are great additions. This show succeeds on so many levels. It’s brilliant; it’s funny, correctly cast, and well-acted. I love this show.
The Americans – (FX and Amazon Prime) – This show has just gotten better year after year. The current and last season might be the best yet. Double agents, multiple operations, and operators. Always moving, and who knew Felicity could be a total badass?
Silicon Valley – (HBO) – The big question was, can the series survive the departure of its breakout star T.J. Miller who played Erlich Bachman? Yes. It can. Partly because of the excellent cast and “feels authentic” set, setting, and storyline. Season 5 wasn’t the best, but it was still delicious.
John Mulaney – (Netflix) – Kid Gorgeous at Radio City – Mulaney was a writer for SNL who started making standup specials a couple of years ago. This is his best routine yet. Plus, little to no profanity.
The Wild Wild Country – (Netflix) – This six-part documentary about the overtaking of Antelope Oregon by Rajneesh and his followers in the early 1980s sounds like a snooze. Yes, it starts slow, but what a story.
Bosch – (Amazon Prime) – Micheal Connelly plotting. Edgy, worn detectives are flawlessly doing their thing in beautifully filmed LA. Ray Donovan with a bit more smarts.
Elvis Presley – (HBO) -The Searcher – This four-hour documentary about the “King” has unseen footage and the rarely heard perspective of his wife, Pricilla. If you have ever wondered what the deal is with Elvis, this provides some context.
Handmaid’s Tale – (Hulu) – Margaret Atwood’s dystopian allegory is presented with such sincerity that the disturbing nature of the story arc can go unnoticed. Dark stuff. I didn’t love this, but I could not stop watching.
City of Gold – (iTunes) – Jonathan Gold is the only food critic to win a Pulitzer. His takes on food trucks and strip mall restaurants created a new wave of foodies. An excellent documentary about him, his city, the food he loves, and his writing process.
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling – (HBO) – This guy was huge. He was the heir to Carson until he voluntarily turned it down. Judd Apatow’s documentary might be the best thing Judd’s ever done. Fascinating in so many ways. Love this.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – (HBO) – Wants some perspective on the world’s events? This show captures it all week after week. Some weeks miss the target but most hit the bullseye. Granted, many easy targets this year.
Anything you love? Let me know!

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