What started as a project during grad school turned into a bit of an obsession.  Over time this led to several hundred blog posts. Several of these articles were published on some high traffic websites. While that was flattering, with over 200 million blogs out there, the value of contributing to web content is somewhat dubious.

No parade or medal for bloggers. No money either (at least for me).

For me, it’s all about the challenge of saying something interesting in a structured way that keeps me blogging.  Now, 10 years later.

I look at blogging as a better hobby than, say, restoring old cars. No appeal there.

Born in the USA. Last born in a New Jersey family of 4 kids. I moved to CA during the summer, entering 8th grade.

BA Philosophy University of CA Santa Barbara. MA Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, and Neighbor. Hack musician. Disastrous do-it-yourself-er. No interest in camping – I prefer hotels. NICE ones!

I do have an amazing Six Pack—a six-pack of Coke Zero Sugar.

Pretentious autodidact infuriated by grandiloquence.

Goal – Clearer thoughts through writing about them. Oh, and shorter sentences.

Lover of people, words, and laughs. Big fan of WordPress.