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Having a Secret Mission

I like the idea of having a “secret mission.” I have gone so far as to develop one for myself. I bring this mission with me to work every day. Perhaps by sharing what I do, you might be encouraged to create your...

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Blind Spots

I’m pretty sure we all have blind spots. I know I do. Not knowing your blind spots and appropriately compensating for them can cause all kinds of unnecessary problems for clients and coworkers. Ray Dalio says, “The...

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Birthdays and Social Media

This past Saturday was my birthday, and I had a great day. Thank you! This got me thinking about birthdays and social media. You may have noticed that LinkedIn provides notifications of connection’s birthdays to those who...

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The Blog Author

Jim Stalker writes instead of playing golf or building ships-in-bottles. His writing is informed by his career in technology sales and being a husband, parent, brother, friend, and lover of music and movies.

The BA in Philosophy is a distant memory but the UCSB experience lives on forever. Admittedly, dropping the name “Wittgenstein” at the right time does have some albeit dubious value. The MA in Communication ten years ago launched blogging. So, there is that! That, and a bunch of “Go Zags!” T-Shirts.

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