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Mark Insull – RIP

Mark Insull was one of my favorite people. I suspect he was a favorite for many others, too. To know him, was to love him. His good looks (that included a luxuriant head of hair), a very proper British accent, and his simply...

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What is This Blog About?

This website contains my writing across many blogs during the last fifteen years. You will find a real hodgepodge here with writing about music, movies, TV, parenting, business, and all sorts of other subjects – including my first blog, 1001 Jackasses. You can also find my answers to Quora questions and original LinkedIn posts. I hope you enjoy it.

The Blog Author

Jim Stalker writes instead of playing golf or building ships-in-bottles. His writing is informed by his career in technology sales and being a husband, parent, brother, friend, and lover of music and movies.

The BA in Philosophy is a distant memory but the UCSB experience lives on forever. Admittedly, dropping the name “Wittgenstein” at the right time does have some albeit dubious value. The MA in Communication ten years ago launched blogging. So, there is that! That, and a bunch of “Go Zags!” T-Shirts.

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