Man Makes Huge Difference – By Stopping Trying to Make a Difference!

Abe Johnson

After years of sweating “making a difference” in the world, Abe Johnson decided to throw in the towel. He gave up.

“I decided I wasn’t going to try so hard anymore. It was too much work. Furthermore, I am exhausted!”

So too, were his friends and business associates.

“Abe is a nice guy, but, above all, he is so darn draining being around,” said one of his friends who wished to remain anonymous. A business colleague added,  “His seriousness and intensity simply suck your life out!”

“Worst of all was the constant LinkedIn postings with all these banal inspirational affirmations he’d post every day,” said a co-worker. “There’s so much of that nonsense already on social media. Plus, I’m pretty sure the job of Tony Robbins has already been taken by, yup, Tony Robbins!”

The Change

Abe recently shifted his approach to internalizing the sentiments of the NY Times bestseller, “The Fine Art of Not Giving a F*ck!” Abe said, “The book was a typical business book in that all you need to know is in the title,” adding, “Seriously, who reads anything today anyway!”

“I must admit,” said a high school friend, “I am no longer cringing when I see him coming toward me. He’s easy being around today. He’s a changed man!”

“His brow is no longer constantly furrowed, and I’ve seen him spontaneously laughing recently,”  said his current manager. “Maybe it is the reduced stress from not having to come up with those LinkedIn posts or the dropping the harsh and constant judging of others he was doing to make himself feel good about himself. Whatever it is,  he’s becoming a joy to have around!”

“I’d even say he’s become an outright inspiration!” said his current fiancée, who had held off saying yes to matrimony due to his constant and fatiguing heavy-handedness.

“I didn’t want to marry a heavy does it kind of guy,” she said, adding,  “his new relaxed yet confident demeanor makes everyone around him better! Everyone loves him these days.”

The irony here is that Abe now makes a difference. It seemed like all he had to do was stop trying.

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